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Gear Operated

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve is standard provided with a gear. On request the valve can also be handwheel operated, upto 6”.

Thrust Capacity
Type Ratio Efficiency factor BR-AI NUT Ni-resist NUT Output Torque
FL-0 4:1 3,2 8000 N 8000 N 500 Nm
FL-1 4:1 3,2 18200 N 13600 N 1030 Nm
FL-2 4:1 3,2 36300 N 25000 N 2070 Nm
FL-3 4:1 3,2 45400 N 45400 N 4140 Nm
FL-4 6:1 4,8 82500 N 82500 N 7750 Nm

Input speed 12 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180
Correction factor 1.00 0.99 0.96 0.93 0.90 0.87 0.84 0.81 0.78 0.75
Gear Operated

Position Indication

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve can be provided with limit switches or sensors, providing a signal to indicate the position of the valve. It is also possible to mount a visual indicator, showing the open- or close position of the valve.

Actuator Operated

Actuator Operated

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve is suitable for most commonly used multi-turn electric actuators. The unique design of the valve provides a very low opening- and closing torque, beneficial when sizing the actuator. The ERIKS-VE® engineers can help you select the right actuator size and support you with technical advice.

Information required to select the correct size actuator:
  • Pressure in the installation, both design and operating
  • Opening/closing time, preventing water-hammer
  • Environmental protection (e.g. Ex-area, IP-classification)
  • Electrical power, AC/DC voltage
  • Duty cycle
  • Communication protocol (e.g. Bus, HART)
  • Pressure relief system*
* Thermal expansion in the valve cavity can cause difficulties when opening the valve, therefore automated valves always require a pressure relief system.

Pneumatic Actuation

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valves can be supplied with pneumatic actuation. The actuator will be fully custom made designed and tested to suit the specified requirements.

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